Honda Motorsports Website

"Without racing, there is no Honda." - Soichiro Honda

Honda, one of the most storied names in motorsports, needed a new website to serve fans and racers. The site would be both a hub to find out about racing news and a shopping destination to purchase parts and engines.

Previously, Honda Racing's online presence was divided between a media destination and the Honda Performance Development website. We saw a major opportunity to consolidate these touchpoints and strengthen the Honda brand.

To create a digital experience that would resonate with both performance-motivated buyers and racing enthusiasts, we allowed users to take control of the site and explore Honda Motorsports content most relevant to them. Users could interact with the site's smart-grid, enabling them to quickly find the content they wanted and discover new things to love about Honda Racing.

Additionally, HPD would need to keep the site frequently updated with race news and results. We streamlined this editorial process by developing a Content Management System that made it easy for our clients to make timely updates to the site during races — independent of the agency.

Through an Agile development process and close collaboration between our core team and client, we created a site embodying the innovation and excitement that Honda Racing is known for.

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