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Technology that Empowers People

We’re obsessed with developing advanced, integrated technology solutions that solve both our clients’ and their customers' needs.

We’re an integrated team of independent thinkers who build sophisticated websites, emails, cloud databases, and media solutions using state of the art platforms and tools.

Although our work is complex, our goal is to make each digital deliverable intuitive, to empower people to take the next step in their journey.

Things We Do

  • Front-end development using React, Angular, animation frameworks, modern HTML5 and responsive design
  • Content management system integrations with Sitecore, Wordpress, and others
  • Adobe Analytics, Launch, Customer Data Platform, and Target
  • Salesforce personalization (formerly Interaction Studio), A/B testing, and personalization platform development
  • Salesforce Journey Builder for email campaigns
  • Cloud development with MS SQL Server, Azure Data Factories, Databricks Notebooks, and Azure Machine-Learning
  • DevOps with Jenkins and Azure DevOps
  • Accessibility (ADA) assessments, recommendations, and remediation
  • Page download performance audits and remediation
  • Automated QA testing using Ranorex

People Who Do It

  • Technology Leads and Architects
  • Front-End Developers
  • Back-End Developers
  • Database Developers
  • Analytics Specialists
  • Quality Assurance Leads and Analysts
We have developers certified in:

How We Do It

Our Approach

From the project kickoff, our onshore Technology Team works closely with client and internal team members to ensure that all requirements are captured and nothing is lost in translation. The same team cost-effectively builds the experiences to ensure a timely, flawless execution for both the initial launch and its evolution over time.

Technology should make life easier.

However complex the technology may be, our focus is on making the end product simple, helpful, and easy to use.

Build it. Then build on it.

After launching a minimum viable product (MVP), we use insights from A/B testing and user group feedback to evolve the product in an agile fashion.

See data through a human lens.

Analytics reflect people's choices (and confusion), and we use these behavioral insights to drive the product feature set, creative approach, and technology implementation.

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