LA Kings

While They Rebuilt the Team, We Rebuilt the Image

An oldie and a goodie that seems kind of timeless.

Hard to imagine, but there was a time when the LA Kings were in big trouble. They had traded away the Great One. Their previous owner was in jail. And there were thousands of empty seats every night.

With new ownership, came a new vision. And from RPA, a new campaign. It was a bold, gritty campaign that showed Los Angeles that the Kings were serious. It was a celebration of hard work and commitment. Refreshing indeed, in a place like LA.

Bus side





It was pervasive. But it was also scrappy We did unexpected things at a minimal cost and got national coverage.


And then we changed gears completely. We created slick, compelling materials to sell luxury suites and season seats to high net worth individuals in a brand-new arena in a revitalized part of town.

We weren’t playing around. We were serious.

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