Delivering on the Promise of Sustainable Future Today

At a time when the idea of truly sustainable fuels and chemicals can seem like a promise of the future, Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s subsidiary, Virent, is commercializing its BioForming® technology to create fuels and chemicals from 100% renewable resources. After a number of successful industry demonstrations, Virent wanted to create a video to showcase the technology and its successful applications to date, driving interest in further partnerships.

RPA’s challenge for the video was to make a complex process easily digestible and relevant to potential industry partners. We wanted to keep Virent’s story as the foundation while building on the game-changing work they are continuing to progress forward. Most important, we needed audiences to know that this technology is available here and now – it’s not a future concept.  

The resulting video highlights the real-world application of Virent’s technology in major categories such as automotive, aviation, fabrics and consumer packaged goods. The creative techniques merge available demonstration footage with high-impact typography to create an engaging and informative dive into the technology. By focusing on successful applications of the technology for United and Emirates Airlines, Formula 1, Coca-Cola, and Patagonia, Virent has proven that BioForming® is available now to help build a more efficient and sustainable future for us all.

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