The World Health Organization has ranked vaccine hesitancy as one of the top-10 health threats in the world for 2019. Clearly, vaccination is important, but rather than scare people into awareness, we wanted to create something positive with this #VaccinesWork campaign for UNICEF.

The animated film was based around the relatable insight that kids, by their very nature, are little daredevils who are constantly putting themselves in danger. With so many dangerous situations seemingly waiting for them around every corner, it only makes sense to keep them safe from some of the dangers we can, by having them vaccinated.

In creating the concept for the posters, we wanted something that could live alongside the film, but would also present a fresh interpretation of “kids facing danger.” This time, we chose to show kids in aspirational roles with clear and logical antagonists. When we figured out that the arm administering the vaccine could provide a metaphorical barrier, we knew we had something that was smart but also simple enough to be immediately understood around the world.

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