Unicare and Blue Cross

A Healthy Track Record in Health Care

We have a long history of successfully collaborating with companies in the health care industry. These partnerships are excellent examples of our unique ability to drive business growth for complex organizations.  

In our work with Unicare, we showed the stark reality of dealing with most health insurance companies. And then, by comparison, we showed how Unicare is uncommonly caring and efficient, providing more individualized health care plans for individuals – exactly what you wouldn’t expect in this industry. 

Our work for Blue Cross presented them as a pillar of enduring strength in an unpredictable world. We focused on their storied reputation and experience to combat the perception that many insurers are more concerned about making money than caring for people. When “The Power of Blue” messaging was integrated into all aspects of their brand, Blue Cross’ two key performance metrics, “Top of Mind Awareness” and “Total Advertising Awareness,” jumped to #1.  

As a result, the advertising we created for Unicare and Blue Cross helped position them for a lucrative merger with Anthem. 

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