Southwest Airlines

Time to Get Away Dynamic Digital Billboards

Real-time data sparks international travel.

Many Floridians don’t know that Southwest flies nonstop to 11 international destinations from Ft. Lauderdale. And that they can fly there in less time than it takes to drive to places in the Sunshine State.

To spread the word and inspire spontaneous travel to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, we created dynamic digital billboards along I-95 in Florida.

One used real-time traffic data that compared current drive times to nearby cities versus flight times to Southwest’s international destinations. And it refreshed with additional comparisons every 30 seconds.

Another highlighted specific dining moments that people could experience if they took a quick flight, instead of a long drive.  It even changed based on the time of day.

These data-driven billboards were a first for Southwest Airlines.  By integrating real time data into our creative solution, we were able to create smart, relevant OOH and ultimately spark greater awareness of Southwest’s international routes amongst potential fliers.

Lunch soon in Cancun anyone?

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