Southwest Airlines

A Data-Driven Approach to International Travel

Southwest® is known as a great option for domestic travel, but people are less familiar with the airline’s international service. We took a digital-first, data-driven approach to raise awareness for these routes and drive people to search for flights on 

Since not all flyers are alike—and because we wanted to promote different destinations based on point of origin—we created a multitude of messages to reach our soon-to-be adventurers across 17 individual markets. As the first Southwest partner to build their dynamic creative using Sizmek’s platform, we were able to produce a robust set of digital and social ads in-house.  All of the units created were personalized to a specific market and designed with colorful, eye-catching visuals and a little tropical flavor to draw travelers in, showing them what exciting destinations were at their fingertips. It’s look, book, and toes in the sand.

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