Red Lobster

Spend the Holidays with Red Lobster

This November, Red Lobster® evolved their “Fun Side of Fancy” campaign and spruced it up for the holiday season, giving customers more reasons to gather and celebrate with friends and family! In addition to expanding hours, Red Lobster is giving their menu a celebratory holiday twist featuring seasonally inspired menu items, like NEW Cheddar Bay Biscuit® Stuffing and their holiday classic Snowglobe Sangria!

To help encourage traffic to the restaurants, RPA has developed a holiday-centric media strategy that leans into the Seasonal Enthusiast. These people are busybodies during this season, constantly out and about with friends and family or simply running errands. They visit casual dining restaurants to celebrate or as a treat, looking for holiday-inspired menu items.  

Seasonal Enthusiasts spend 20%–50% more time on Pinterest during the holidays, so Red Lobster is effortlessly sneaking into holiday-inspired searches. Pinterest is the place for ultimate DIYs and hacks, so we’ve prioritized Red Lobster’s off-premises holiday solutions to spread awareness of their perfect to-go holiday side dishes, ideal for bringing to gatherings with family and friends.

We are also capturing attention at the pump, while people fuel up and take a break, via Gas Station TV’s vast network — featuring Red Lobster’s new 15-second spot. To maximize conversion, we’ve established a geotargeted approach, focusing on locations within a 5-mile radius of a Red Lobster location.

Throughout the campaign, we are maintaining momentum and building reach by aligning with the unique general viewership habits during this season, and ensuring presence within premium holiday programming such as the ABC Christmas Day Parade.

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