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Ready for Anything

If your social feeds are anything like ours, you’ve noticed an increase in golf-related content over the last few years. Chalk it up to the sport’s global rise in popularity, which the game’s savviest entrepreneurs have used to amplify their personal brands across social channels to reach new audiences. Of course, some have also partnered with established brands to gain added bounce. Consider the association between our longtime client Farmers Insurance® and PGA TOUR star Rickie Fowler.

This partnership has been connecting Rickie’s broad and loyal fan base with Farmers® for years. As the partnership continues to evolve, we crafted a series of funny and relatable vignettes designed to perform best across social platforms on a topic close to the hearts of insurance professionals: preparing for the unexpected.

To help Rickie’s audience see the link between golf and insurance, we demonstrated how preparing for the unexpected in golf is similar to preparing for the unexpected in life. This connection is supported by the playful tone of the spots. The work showcases Rickie's poise and charm, even under pressure, and reminds us how uncompromising dedication means we can never be too prepared.


Chip Shot


Imperfect Conditions


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