Moving Day

"'Movin' On Up' is a celebration of apartment living," said CoStar Group Founder and CEO Andrew Florance. "There are over 42 million renters today and growing across every age cohort. As the nation's No. 1 apartment listings website, we have the largest inventory of apartments for rent to meet renter's unique needs. We are extremely proud to be debuting the apartment industry's first ever ad during the Super Bowl."

Celebrating apartment living in a way that is sure to stand out, the Super Bowl campaign was created by RPA, advertising agency of record for It features Brad Bellflower, the Chief Change Officer of — aka Jeff Goldblum — showing he's not only a visionary corporate leader, but also a virtuoisic pianist and singer. Brad commandeers a piano about to be moved into an apartment and launches into a rendition of The Jeffersons iconic and timeless theme song, "Movin' On Up," as he's craned upward to a 'deluxe apartment in the sky.' Upon reaching the top floor penthouse, Brad meets its inhabitants — a reimagined George (George Washington) and Weezy (Lil Wayne).

"MOVIN' ON UP" :60

"The goal was to create a wildly unexpected Super Bowl spot to stand out boldly during the Super Bowl while fitting into the larger story we created for and Brad Bellflower. Leveraging Lil Wayne with The Jeffersons and with the tune that everyone knows, Movin' On Up, made for a fantastic platform for to shine bright during the biggest sporting event of the year in the U.S.," said Joe Baratelli, CCO at RPA. "By design, 'Movin On Up' prompts the viewer to want to watch it again and again to 'get' the story. That's a big win for"

The strategy of the campaign is to position as the ultimate resource for apartment searchers, with more listings than any other apartments site, which can help you find a new, better place to live with the possibility and freedom that comes with renting. As Brad moves on up the building, he takes a peek into the lives of its residents — college students, newlyweds, a family of four, a shoe-collecting socialite — each moving into a new life stage in a new apartment. Just as on, consumers can find the perfect place, in the ideal neighborhood, for whatever stage of life they're moving into.

The comprehensive three-week-long "Movin' On Up" integrated campaign also leverages digital influencers such as Kurt Schneider, Noah Guthrie and VanJess, spreading the #MovinOnUp spirit in their own way. In addition, teased the campaign with sitcom-esque videos of George and Weezy up to various antics as they get ready for Weezy's Super Bowl party.




The three teasers are supported by a robust digital video campaign on YouTube and through native video seeding partner Giant Media. The teasers are also featured on YouTube's AdBlitz, the #1 destination to watch, vote for and share every "must see" Super Bowl commercial. To encourage the use of #MovinOnUp, the brand partnered with Buzzfeed to create a special listicle "13 Small But Sure Signs That You Are Movin' On Up In The World" highlighting small life victories. The listicle will help introduce the idea of what it means to be #MovinOnUp as well as prime the well for more submissions and participation. To keep the momentum going post Super Bowl the digital video campaign switches gears and will feature the game day spot up until voting ends on AdBlitz.

And for Super Bowl viewers who engage in #MovinOnUp, there will be a first-of-its-kind "choircast" of Sunday's game with musical gospel choir play-by-play.

With the 2016 Super Bowl campaign as its launch pad, is movin' on up to the deluxe marketing hall of fame in the sky — and has no plans to come down.



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