Meet the 27 rising stars of adtech solving advertisers’ toughest challenges

They are helping the ad industry grab new opportunities, like retail media and streaming TV ads.

by Lauren Johnson, Ryan Joe, and Lara O'Reilly

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The uncertain economy has prompted many companies to cut back their marketing and ad spend, but there's still demand for top talent who can solve some of the advertising industry's toughest problems, and seize some of its newest opportunities.

Adtech companies are jockeying against each other to capture market share in streaming TV advertising, servicing the needs of content owners like Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, and NBCU. They're also trying to strike gold in retail media, a relatively new category that could represent a $26 billion market for adtech companies, according to Morgan Stanley.

But in order to have a chance at winning out, adtech firms need talent who can build top-tier solutions. The early- and mid-career professionals on this list are spearheading some of these big initiatives. 

The list is based on peer nominations, products, and campaigns they have worked on, their influence at their companies, and their potential to be industry leaders. We considered nearly 90 people from adtech companies, publishers, and advertisers.

Here are the 27 rising stars of adtech, listed alphabetically by last name.

Amina Asim, Associate Director of Audience Intelligence, RPA

Asim, who has a Ph.D. in media, technology, and society from Northwestern University has reinvented the agency's audience insights division by changing the way it captures data.

The practice creates detailed audience profiles and personas using third-party research tools, and then integrating that with clients' first-party data. The audience targets that Asim's team have created have generated between an 80% and 170% increase in conversion rates, across more than 50 campaigns. 

Asim is helping the ad agency RPA build an ID-based audience platform to help clients prepare for the end of third-party tracking cookies on the web in a privacy-compliant manner. This year she's also working on building an audience insights platform to help RPA identify key data sources such as behavioral signals and attitudinal research.

Asim had a wide range of experience before joining RPA. She was a a 2019 Aspen fellow where she created and presented policy on real-world tech issues such as data privacy, deepfakes, ad fraud, and foreign country cyberattacks on US companies. She produced a documentary film on the transnational impact of the multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor development project, which was broadcast on VICE News in 2021. And prior to joining RPA, she was a senior program manager for worldwide content operations at Amazon Prime Video.

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