Mandalay Bay

You’re Not a Tourist

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino launched a nationwide branding campaign that sought to claim its territory as the only true resort on the Las Vegas Strip. While many Las Vegas properties include the word “resort” in their moniker, not all deliver a resort-like experience or atmosphere. Mandalay Bay, with its extensive range of day-to-night experiences, exceptional customer service, and superior setting, strikingly sets itself apart from competitors.

The rebranding effort featured print, digital, and several California-based location-takeover activations to remind potential visitors “You’re not a tourist, you’re a ‘resortist,’” a word created especially for the campaign.

Noted fashion and commercial photographer Dewey Nicks shot the evocative images at the heart of the campaign. The images beautifully capture the “resortist” spirit while also highlighting the property’s wide range of activities. Each shot is postcard-perfect, displaying stylish-yet-casual vignettes of guests enjoying the property, bringing to life Mandalay Bay’s exceptional experiences.

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