Long Live the Lazy™ — Media Strategy

La-Z-Boy ® is one of the most recognized furniture brands in the category — known for their amazingly comfortable furniture — but they are seriously outspent by the competition. To launch the La-Z-Boy Long Live the Lazy™ brand platform and create new brand perceptions for a legacy brand, we had to make a big splash in the category by punching above our weight with highly impactful and relevant placements.

With a campaign designed to encourage people to take hard-earned rest, we delved into La-Z-Boy’s custom audience segmentation. In partnership with the brand, we looked to find the channels they were going to take their “lazy moments” and noticed something interesting. Rather than helping people relax, the ads and content on these platforms were only adding to their stress, with videos of perfect meals, spotless homes, and “motivational quotes” constantly pushing them past their limits.

That made these platforms the perfect place to deliver La-Z-Boy comfort through our ads, with moments of pure relaxation that encouraged people to join our movement and stand up for their right to sit down. Whether binge-watching, mindlessly-scrolling, or candy-crushing, moments of well-deserved laziness were now filled with permission to rest instead of pressure to do more.

We kicked off the campaign by surrounding National Lazy Day to give us an elevated share of voice and create an ownable moment for the La-Z-Boy brand. A takeover on The Today Show and Word of the Day on Words with Friends, and first-impression takeovers made us hard to miss in the places our audience was turning to during their downtime throughout the day.

We kept the campaign momentum going by balancing high-level awareness tactics with immediate business goals, using a customer journey to ensure we were present along the shopping process and delivering the right message in the right way based on what people needed in the moment. And with feedback loops and continuous optimizations to the campaign, we have been able to help more people bring comfort home and take the lazy moments they deserve.

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