Honda CR-V: Celebrity Yearbooks

Every success begins with a dream.

Honda is driven by “The Power of Dreams.” And it’s a universal idea. There are very few, if any, people out there who haven’t had a dream and wanted to chase it.

Some dreams are bigger than others, of course. There are dreams of success — and there are dreams of best-in-the-world, top-of-the-game success. For Honda’s engineers, their dream for the completely redesigned CR-V was the latter. The CR-V was already Honda’s best-selling vehicle, but they wanted to make it even better.

To stand out in the big game, we wanted to connect with that passion for chasing dreams. It’s easy to forget that with every incredible success story, at one point they were just another person with a dream. What if we could capture the spirit that drove and inspired them back before they were successful?

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