Project Courage 2.0

How we continued the momentum of Honda ingenuity bringing joy to children in hospitals across the country.

Project Courage stole our hearts, so when asked to bring the Honda Shogo back for a second round, the people at RPA were delighted to take on another opportunity to spread joy and share Honda’s ingenuity. Honda has a tradition of charitable projects, and after learning about the potential benefits of play for hospitalized children, Honda built a small electric vehicle called the Honda Shogo so children could drive themselves to their treatment. Honda started with one Shogo, though the vision was always to make more. Within this expansion, Honda will be deploying 60 additional Shogos to hospitals all around the country, this time partnering with their local dealers to impact the lives of children and their families in their local communities.

Before launching the next round of Honda Shogos, The Honda Performance Development (HPD) engineers put genuine love and care into improving the Shogo so that it could truly enhance the experiences of children in need. The latest Honda Shogo now sports an easy-access, low-stepover entry with no doors, longer-lasting batteries, and improved handlebars. Children can drive themselves around the hospital and experience some fun during what’s normally a stressful time.

Honda and RPA have remained committed to improving the lives of young patients and couldn’t be more pleased with the positive impact the Honda Shogo has had on patients and the community. The smiles and laughter of children who experienced driving the Honda Shogo filled the hearts of every parent, doctor, nurse, partnered dealer, Honda engineer, and RPA associate that took part in bringing the Honda Shogo to life. Honda continues to show that they’re a company with heart, and one who’s willing to put The Power of Dreams into action to support the lives of those in need. What will they do next, you ask? We may not know, but we can certainly trust them to stand by their core values and prove that a little imagination can spread a lot of joy.

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