Million Mile Joe 

Boosting brand sentiment by putting the spotlight on a big fan.

When we met Joe LoCicero, of Norway, Maine, he was 70,000 miles away from a goal he’d been determined to reach for 15 years: rolling the odometer of his 1990 Honda Accord over to one million miles.  

We saw an opportunity to remind people of Honda’s reliability with one very special owner. We introduced “Million Mile Joe” to our Facebook community, where people followed his progress for five months through a series of videos and status updates. We told Joe he would be attending a small press conference after he rolled over to the millionth mile. We invited the local press, alerting them of Joe’s accomplishment and that we would be giving him a new car. Unbeknownst to Joe and the media, we got the whole town together for a surprise parade in his honor.

The event made the local news, and was then picked up nationally by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX News. Joe appeared on national television shows like Good Morning America and The Early Show, and was interviewed on over 21 radio programs. This low-budget social media campaign garnered over 44 million earned media impressions in only a week. Campaign videos received over 650,000 YouTube views, and Joe became the #4 top news story of the year in the state of Maine.  

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