CHOC and Honda

A Magic Snow Globe

A Cannes Lions-winning VR activation for Honda and Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Honda's Magic Snow Globe experience leveraged VR to bring some magic to kids stuck in the hospital over the holidays, by transporting them to a winter wonderland. First, the kids were brought into a room with a "shrinking machine" and a magic snow globe. Then they were asked if they wanted to shrink down and go inside the snow globe. To do so, they had to put on the shrinking machine helmet – VR goggles in disguise. The experience transported them inside the snow globe, where they could conduct an orchestra, make it snow, watch a fireworks display, and create a snowman. After the experience, they took off the helmet and found a surprise: a real version of the exact snowman they made inside the snow globe was waiting for them as a gift.

This experience was awarded a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity 2019.

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