Thinking Outside and Inside the Litter Box 

Pet-food advertising has always shown what goes “in.” When we considered Halo’s key points of differentiation, we decided to highlight what comes “out.”  

Poopsie, as a concept, simplified all the messages regarding Halo’s approach to sourcing, their WHOLE Meat difference, and the digestibility benefits for pets. And Poopsie, as an image, generated strong reactions.  

“This concept was divisive in focus groups. Either people loved it or hated it. But none of the other campaigns we tested got as strong a reaction as this one,” said Group Creative Director Adam Lowrey. “And we wanted Halo’s brand to be noticed.” 

There’s a science and a purpose to Halo’s approach to pet food; our advertising educated the customer in a way that was engaging, attention-grabbing and different from everything else out there. 

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