Farmers® Insurance

A New Kind of Digital Experience

Swipable stories of unbelievable, but true, insurance claims. helps in-market shoppers find the right policy for their needs, but the site didn’t feature a central place for people to connect with the brand. Many competitors have landing pages embedded with commercials, but this approach doesn’t reflect how millions spend time on their smartphones: tapping through stories filled with short videos and fun photos.  

To help these social media natives feel at home, we created “We Are Farmers.” This digital experience bridges the gap between mobile-first sites and platforms like Instagram, combining familiar design patterns, modern social media behaviors and our own bespoke stories.

Our stories had to do more than just captivate our audience, most of which are driven from Farmers digital display and social media. So, we crafted each story to build on the ads our audience just saw. Each one treated our audience to new perspectives on unbelievable, but true, insurance claims. And, of course, more of Professor Burke.

We designed “We Are Farmers” to be modular, making it easy to update with new stories building on our latest campaigns and content. And as we add new chapters to the Farmers story, we look forward to winning over more people who will remember, like, and consider us when the time comes to shop for insurance.

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