End Kids Cancer Foundation

“Share a Life Event” Facebook Campaign

How sharing your past can give kids with cancer a future.

Billions of dollars are raised to support cancer research every year, but less than 5 percent of that money goes to pediatric cancer. RPA set out to change that by making a big impact with a tiny budget for a true underdog client: the End Kids Cancer Foundation.  

Our challenge was to do more than raise money in a single campaign; we set out to truly change the narrative about what people think of when they think of cancer patients.  

Rather than asking people to imagine a child’s life, we invited them to think back on their own lives with a shareable campaign that leveraged a unique Facebook feature: Life Events. Created in collaboration with Facebook’s in-house Creative Shop, the #ShareALifeEvent campaign gave Facebook users the ability to figuratively “donate” memorable experiences and milestones from their own lives so that kids with cancer might get to enjoy lives filled with the same kinds of experiences.

Beginning with a video highlighting the kinds of Life Events a participant could share, we asked Facebook users to follow a few simple steps to help us spread our message.

Frank Kalman, Founder of End Kids Cancer, saw an immediate impact: “This is the first time we’ve seen Facebook used in this way. It’s giving hope to children with cancer that one day they too can experience these milestones.”

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