Tales from the Dashboard

You never know who you’ll meet at ARCO, but you can always be sure you’ll save on quality TOP TIER™ gas.

With inflation and stubbornly high gas prices straining folks’ wallets, we saw a big opportunity continue growing the beloved ARCO brand. After years of building positive quality perceptions around our TOP TIER™ gas using Hanna the Dashboard Hula Girl, our “spokesdoll,” we decided to focus more overtly on our low price and high value strength compared to other big brands. While our competitors took a business-as-usual approach to their advertising, we wanted this campaign to show that ARCO offers the best value in gas any way you look at it — in price, quality, and convenience — meeting people’s very real needs right now.

With this campaign Hanna is back, and she’s made some new friends. On her latest adventures, she meets a timid piggy bank, an energetic inflatable dancer working for the competition, and a group of agreeable bobbleheads as she spreads the word about ARCO’s exceptional value and its convenient payment options.   

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