Giving the Pickiest of Pets Their Dream Apartments

How we leveraged pet influencers to showcase filters.

With rising inflation and all the other stresses that renters face today, finding the right place to live has become an even more important decision. This decision has even higher stakes if you’re a unique pet owner. Making sure your pets feel as at-home as you do requires research and navigating the rental landscape, all while meeting a unique set of conditions.  

Luckily, has the right set of tools to help pet owners find the perfect place: a set of advanced filters. Thus, the idea of featuring pampered pet influencers demanding and receiving their desired amenities was born.

We know that, in social media, people traditionally share humor and want to be entertained. We also see in social sentiment how much space owners dedicate to their pampered pets. Our “Picky Pets” execution plays off this approach by highlighting how can relate to renters’ needs and solve them with its pet-friendly filtering system.

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