Best in the Biz helps more people find places to live — to the tune of 40 million renters and counting. But how do they maintain their place as the best in the biz? We revisit visionary founder Brad Bellflower (played by Jeff Goldblum) as he lets us in on the groundbreaking ideas that have driven their rental success.

“What’re They Doing over There?!”

It’s a question on the minds of everyone that shares a wall with a neighbor: “What’re they doing over there?!” In this digital video series, solves the age-old mystery with some seriously unexpected answers. While the source of your neighbor’s noises may remain a mystery, the solution is simple: Find a better place to live on The series is designed for the interactivity, multiple chapters, and vertical format of Instagram Stories, but also runs in 15- and 6-second digital video placements.   

40 Million Renters

More people have found new homes through than any other rental site — 40 million renters, to be almost exact. But, really, can you imagine just how massive 40 million is? Brad Bellflower uses a variety of demonstrations to help the audience wrap their heads around just how large a number it is.

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