Less Talk Sports Network

ESPN basketball analyst Jay Williams and comedian Seaton Smith hosted the Acura Less Talk Sports Network during March college basketball match-ups. Williams and Smith used as few words as possible to comment on the brackets, biggest upsets and game highlights with their “Less Talk” pre- and postgame analysis. 

“We have a new take on sports commentary where we get straight to the point without the fluff,” said Williams. “We’ll have more fun, but talk less.” 

The campaign was featured on top sports sites such as ESPN and Turner Sports, as well as across social media platforms. For the first time, Acura updated creative in real-time within the brand’s homepage takeovers on ESPN, based on live outcomes. On social media, the campaign spanned Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and GIPHY, with a focus on real-time game reactions. In addition, fans and viewers were also able to share the GIFs and memes featuring Williams’ reactions with friends, based on basketball match-ups and outcomes. 

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