Elevating the Power of “See and Say” to Drive Business AND Brand Love

TXU Energy’s campaign “The Conversation” continues to drive strong results for the brand. With the latest round of creative promoting the Ultimate Summer Pass, we faced the challenge of outperforming last year’s very successful promotion of the same energy plan. We had to break through and bring a feeling of new news to a plan that is already a customer favorite.

Detailed creative research has given us concise direction concerning what works best in communicating with our prospects. We use strong visual devices to break through and hold attention. And, additionally, these same breakthrough visual devices help cement a plan’s specific benefits in folks' minds — driving action. But a breakthrough visual is not enough. Charming overall storylines skillfully utilize our highly branded spokesperson “in conversation” with customers, helping this round of work reach new highs in emotional engagement.

Three years into the campaign, and each round of work — now including Ultimate Summer Pass 2023 — continues to outperform each previous round of executions, supporting consistently strong in-market results.