Constellation Brands

Reaching Gen Z on Their Own Terms

As Gen Z hits it’s mid to late 20s, it’s even more of a force to be reconned with. We’ve been working with a diverse group of clients to reach these 20-somethings in authentic ways, whether that’s flexing an existing campaign to match the Z’s tone of voice, or evolving a beloved brand platform to keep up with the latest crop of even more diverse young customers, or creating totally new brand experiences that meet Gen Z where they play (and live). In addition, we’re continuing our deep insight work into this all-important consumer cohort, building on and evolving the insights we uncovered in our comprehensive 2020 Gen Z research report, “The Identity Shifters”.

Pocky: Flexing Into a Gen Z Voice and Channel

While Pocky’s global positioning of “Share Happiness” is sweet, charming and speaks well to our core Millennial Mom buyer – the positioning needed a twist to better align with the type of content our emerging Gen Z audience is engaging with. So we created targeted work that infused more of a “wink” into the sense of humor and leaned into social-first executional styles with Pocky-fied takes on trends, influencer-like personalities, storytelling formats, and creative use-cases—making Pocky pop in our Gen Z fyps.

ampm: Evolving a Beloved Brand for a More Diverse, Young Customer

Gen Z has an irreverent sense of humor – making our 6ft snack-scot, Toomgis, the perfect vehicle to connect with this growing group of visitors. Through our segmentation research, we also discovered that Gen Z is more likely to be using convenience stores for indulgence and to fulfill emotional needs – leading us to develop work that focused on more than the food, but rather the entire experience that enjoying ampm’s quality, convenient food brings.

Honda Gaming: Reaching Gen Z Where They Play and Live

To build a meaningful connections with Gen Z, our media team has worked with our clients to strategically leverage gaming--creating a wide range of Honda brand activations, from in-game events on Fortnite, IRL activations at TwitchCon, and ongoing sponsorship of Team Liquid, a premiere eSports team. Honda’s consistent presence in the gaming world has helped to introduce Honda to the next generation of car buyers, and foster the next wave of brand love.

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