Spectrum Business

Breaking Through to Small Business Owners by Fueling Their Resilience

Small business owners are driven by their passion, and nobody works harder than they do. While internet access is critical to running a small business, it’s an invisible life force, not top of mind until something goes wrong. They just want it to work, so they can, too. Despite small businesses’ reliance on internet, there is little distinction in the category, which is reinforced by competitive advertising with similar messaging and confusing language, as well as few clear, tangible differentiators. It’s no surprise that most SBOs end up deciding based on price. To drive consideration for new sign-ups, Spectrum needed a way to break through and cement an ownable, meaningfully different place in a commodity category.

In studying small business owners, we found that they are relentlessly optimistic and resourceful. Our insight was that they’ve been using technology and connectivity to help themselves be more resourceful, adapt, and propel forward, especially over the hurdles of the past couple of years. This insight allowed us to carve out a unique place in small business owners’ minds, and move beyond being seen as a commodity, by talking about the unique benefit of what Spectrum offers: They help small businesses that are already resilient be even more resilient. Resilience means having the flexibility and adaptability to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Spectrum makes that happen through seamless connectivity solutions that are easy to use, fast, and reliable.  

The campaign brings to life the energy and work ethic of small business owners in a fresh, tech-forward yet human way. It shows that, no matter the challenges of the day or the nature of their work, Spectrum Business is Made to Work.