Honda DAAs Are Our DNA

We have partnered with Honda DAAs around the country for over 20 years to help sell more cars and grow the business.

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Our job is to help Honda dealers move sheet metal. 

We do it in a way that’s different than any other agency. 

We have 50 years of experience with one target audience; Honda customers. No other agency comes close. 

Because of this experience, we can efficiently target what we call the NOW market.

Media Approach

We strongly believe in a holistic media strategy that touches all consumer points in their shopping journey. This approach is based on industry-leading research from sources like MRI, IHS, and Scarborough, with a lens for specific market targets. Each media channel plays a specific role.

In-market shoppers watch video content via a combination of linear television, streaming, and online platforms. We use audio to drive frequency and amplify video memorability, then layer digital outlets to further target active shoppers in moments of receptivity.

This past year, we took over the Central Texas HDAA (Austin / San Antonio). Upon analyzing their digital performance, we noticed that their qualified shopping visit rate was only 19%, which is lower than what RPA DAAs operate at. We applied our insight-driven tactics, such as Geo-Fencing, and after just 6 months, their QSVs increased to 38.5% for less budget. Our DAA teams connected with dealer referral data to ensure that this uptick in traffic translated to store-shopping activity, including low bounce rates, VDP views, and lead submissions.

Net net, instead of driving irrelevant traffic to your sites, RPA delivers quality AND quantity when it comes to leads.

We know how critical it is to capture demand, but Search can seemingly have infinite spend. At RPA, we made it a point to take full advantage of a developing opportunity with Google called Broad Match Brand Control. Brand Controls allow advertisers to limit their Broad Keyword Matching to only serve on search queries that contain the Brand name. Broad Matching is only recommended for accounts leveraging Smart Bidding (VBB). We applied this to one market in the Upstate HDAA and found a 13% lower CP-QSV and generated higher action and impression volume compared to the control campaigns. We’ve since applied this approach across our DAA markets with similar results. We are always on the forefront of finding more efficient ways to bring the Now market to your store.

The role of the DAA campaign is to bridge the gap between Tier 1 and Tier 3. RPA has a unique advantage, given we plan and execute Honda’s T1/National media. That singular knowledge allows us to build the most efficient and effective T2 media plans for our DAAs. Further, we share our plans with the dealers to help avoid overlap at a Tier 3 level. Our DAA partners succeed with RPA's unique solution here, anchored in strategy, communication, and collaboration.

DAA-Specific Custom Creative

RPA produces in-market custom creative. Here’s some of our recent work.

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Honda and Hockey
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Built in America/Best Service
No Plug In
Test Drive Honda’s EV

HDAA Transition Experts

With a comprehensive checklist and schedule in hand, we are a well-oiled machine when it comes to transitioning new business to RPA. In a nutshell, we immediately set up discussions for timing, market-specific needs, concerns, holdovers, and more. We would work with your current agency to transition social sites, and any sponsorship / experiential efforts in the works. With multiple markets, we’d do a deep dive into each market to make sure we are hitting your objectives. We would review budgets and inventory, establish communication channels and, most important, make sure your messaging isn’t disrupted. At RPA, we sweat the small stuff!

Let's get the conversation going.

Jeff VanBlarcom

SVP / Group Account Director