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Connecting Authentically and Effectively with the Hispanic Market

As Hispanic audiences continue to redefine the “mainstream,” they’ve become central to our work across nearly all clients. Whether we are leveraging Hispanic-specific market insights to craft just the right message and creative expression for a young, increasingly diverse audience, or trans-creating an inclusive campaign in both English and Spanish, or working directly on one of our brand’s expansion into the Mexican market, we have a wide breadth of experience reaching Hispanic consumers. From advertising, to sports sponsorships, to brand experiences, to product development, we are able to build brands that connect on an authentic level with Hispanic audiences of all ages, and thereby better connect with the new“mainstream.”

ampm: Speaking our Heavily Hispanic Target’s Craving Language

Hispanic audiences are redefining the mainstream. ampm’s product line-up speaks to the unique palates and eating behaviors of their heavily-Hispanic skewing customer base – including breakfast pastries, Horchata, and spicier flavor profiles—that are being increasingly adopted by all consumers. Our work highlights these products front and center with dedicated efforts using Hispanic-specific cultural dynamics, partnering with Hispanic creators and artists, and producing work in both Spanish and English, or Spanglish, to relate to the overall cultural fluidity of our entire target and as well as the range of U.S. Hispanic acculturation in the ampm footprint.

ampm: Teaming with Hispanic Artists to Celebrate National Horchata Day

For the fifth year in a row ampm celebrated National Horchata Day. In 2022, we combined giving away free horchata with recognizing National Hispanic Heritage Month. We did so by honoring and celebrating the Hispanic community through the Sip on La Cultura campaign. What is Sip on La Cultura? The opportunity to get a taste of unique Hispanic sabor through food combos, music, and art at ampm throughout the month of September. We teamed up with artist Luis Pinto, who, in a colorful illustration, highlighted the traditions and importance of horchata in the Hispanic community. This illustration helped us bring the powerful message of Sip on La Cultura to life.

ARCO Southwest: Creating a Powerful Brand that Reflects the Totality of Its Diverse Market

With a significant Spanish-dominant audience, ARCO Southwest needed a brand platform that could be inclusive of all our audiences and be efficiently executed in both English and Spanish, all while delivering ARCO’s message of low prices on quality gas. Enter Hanna, the Dashboard Hula Girl, an expert on automobiles with deep roots in West Coast car culture. While her mouth doesn’t move, naturally she’s bilingual and she also happens to be a big Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres fan, just like a sizeable share of our heavily Hispanic audience.

On-site POP

ARCO Mexico: Importing a Brand to Mexico

After many decades of a tightly regulated retail gasoline market,ARCO was one of the first foreign brandsto enterMexico. Mexicans were excited about new international brands entering the country as they perceived these brands would bring quality standards throughout the whole purchase experience. ARCO needed a differentiated communication strategy for this country as this was a completely different environment than that of the Southwest region. In collaboration with our international partners, we developed campaigns to introduce ARCO as a trustworthy, premium brand. Brand affinity has also been built through the sponsorship of the Mexican Pacific ARCO Baseball League, and the Lanzadores del Futuro initiative, brining baseball closer to low-income family kids, showing ARCO’s commitment to contribute to the community.

On-site POP
On-site POP

Southern California Edison: Prioritizing Research to Message Clearly and Effectively in Spanish and Beyond

SCE’s customer base is a multicultural majority, with a large Spanish-dominant population. To gain a deeper understanding of cultural identity and nuances, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research in Spanish to ensure all strategies and messaging resonate culturally and linguistically for our Spanish-speaking audiences. To communicate efficiently to our multicultural audiences, we count on Walter, a lovable animated squirrel, who speaks multiple languages—six, to be exact.

TXU Energy: Starting a Conversation with Our Spanish-Speaking Audience

TXU Energy has a long-serving brand spokesperson who unfortunately is not bilingual. Addressing the growing need for in-language messaging, we have been able to trans-create our general market executions by excluding his role and casting bilingual talent across the board—all while maintaining the engaging charm of the brand’s campaign overall.