We specialize in working with complex organizations.

In fact, we’re built for it.

Our Structure

RPA was built to service complex organizations as clients. Very few other agencies have the structure and capabilities needed to make it work.

We make it simple, and we don’t let complexity get in the way of clear, compelling creative ideas and strategies that drive business results. Complexity doesn’t need to be complicated.

There are four key traits we often see in complex organizations. Here’s how we help clients address them.


Many marketing teams need to work closely with independent operators that are primary connection points between the brand and its customers. Whether we call them franchisees or dealers or agents or affiliates, the challenge is similar. There are lots of them, they have strong opinions and they are vitally important. After all, they’re the ones coming face-to-face with the brand’s customers every day.


RPA currently has clients in some of the most regulated industries in the country, including insurance, airlines, automotive, gasoline and medical. Regulation impacts what those brands can say and do, but we understand how to work within these parameters and make sure they don’t become headaches for our clients.

National Brands, Local Needs

We live in a very large country. Different regions have different customer needs, competitive landscapes, audience behaviors, offers and brand messaging. Being able to manage and capitalize on these differences is a great strength of ours, and it’s one that helps our clients punch above their weight when it comes to results.

Multiple Important Stakeholder Groups (or MISGies)

With some clients, the marketing department is the only one that needs to be involved with an agency. With others, it’s vital to listen to and communicate with a wide range of departments—not to mention boards of directors, parent companies and global HQs—many of which are made up of people who know very little about marketing. When all of them are happy, our clients are especially happy.

Building Brands—and Peace of Mind
There are lots of agencies out there that can develop great, business-driving ideas.
Not many can do that while also making life easier for a complex organization’s marketing team.

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