Going from a “Sea of Sameness” to “Dominating the Category”


Reinventing and leading a brand new category.

Before, finding a place to rent often meant a dark journey through a patchwork of dubious websites, mom-and-pop regional services and the shadiest place on the Internet: Craigslist. needed to rise above and establish itself as the first destination for apartment-seekers across the nation. RPA was tasked with disrupting the entire landscape, and helping become the website people seek out first, rather than simply come across on a Google search.


Searching for an apartment should feel as good as finding the right apartment.

Our insight was that most everything about moving into a new apartment is gratifying and amazing and exciting — except the process of finding that new apartment, which could be painful, anxiety-ridden and frustrating. could simplify all that for people, giving them one amazing place to go to when they’re looking for a place.


A vision of a better place to find a place — presented by the ultimate visionary thinker.

Tech gurus are everywhere these days, sharing visions of the future brought to life today. Our platform stands out by having some fun with this archetype, with Jeff Goldblum uniquely bring the character of “Brad Bellflower, inventor of the Apartminternet” to life.

It’s a cliché that every tech visionary says their product will “change the world.” But in this case, the product really does lead to changing people’s worlds: new environments, new neighbors, new friends, and new places to explore and visit. All powered by a state-of-the-art platform that makes the process easier and less stressful.

In fact, the campaign began life with the tagline, “Change your apartment, change the world” — but as the brand grew and evolved, we evolved too (or, “pivoted” as Brad Bellflower might say) and we took advantage of our now-leadership position in the category to simply be “The place to find a place.”


The (#1) place to find a place.

The campaign has become a long-running success that helped become #1 — with several competitors deciding it would be easier to sell themselves to rather than try to compete against them.

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