“Too Much Good Stuff” Comes Deliciously to Life to Drive Sales


A promotion is not a brand.

A price point and a promotional item: that’s all most people recall when they think of convenience-store advertising. In study after study, people rarely remember which store was making the offer. In fact, they rarely remember promotions at all. Even less frequently are they able to identify what makes one c-store brand different than another.

To earn a bigger share, ampm needed people to do more than crave a snack or drink. We needed potential customers, especially younger adults, to feel like ampm is the right store for them.


When people like us more, they visit us more.

There isn’t a lot of difference in the functional offerings between convenience stores, but we can make a difference in how our young target customers feel about us — by being relatable, entertaining and keyed in to their sense of humor and outlook on everyday life.


A consistent identity — and larger-than-life personality.

We needed an ownable — and clearly identifiable — brand image that could help ampm stand out. And we needed it to work across media channels, from social platforms to drive-time radio to event sponsorships.

Nearly three decades ago, RPA had put ampm on the map with the rallying cry “Too Much Good Stuff.” But our campaign needed to evolve.

Enter Toomgis: Too Much Good Stuff, come to life. Toomgis was introduced as a fully realized character: Lovable, generous, optimistic, ever-present with the perfect pick-me-up. He lives across media, and in-store (you can even buy Toomgis gummies).

He hangs out and tweets with celebrity friends. And he makes a great Halloween costume. As an accessible (and multilingual) mascot, Toomgis also helped us broaden our appeal to capture newer opportunity demographics – in particular, females and Hispanic millennials.


Moving hard-to-move metrics and increasing sales.

Toomgis gets noticed and drives business. Not bad for a guy with red vines for hair.

Recognizers of Toomgis are more likely to:

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