#PockyParty Packs 

Keeping the birthday party alive during a global pandemic. 

With COVID-19 keeping the world indoors, many of Pocky’s fans had to celebrate their birthdays in quarantine. Through social sentiment insights, we learned that birthdays are a popular occasion to celebrate with Pocky, and we wanted to help keep the #PockyParty going, despite being apart. So, we surprised some of our loyal fans who had upcoming birthdays with Pocky “Party Packs.” 

The Party Packs included celebration essentials, like decorations, a Polaroid® camera, party hats, and, of course, lots of Pocky. To make sure our fans kept the party going at home while sharing their favorite moments along the way, the packs also included access to custom digital elements we created, including an augmented reality (AR) “Happy Birthday” Instagram filter, a themed Pocky Party playlist on Spotify, and bespoke video chat backgrounds. 

We shared the user-generated content with Pocky fans over the following weeks, reminding the world that, no matter the circumstances, there ain’t no party like a Pocky party. 

Spotify Playlist
AR Instagram Filter

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