#Mothers Week

Portal from Facebook shows that one day isn’t enough to celebrate moms with the first-ever #MothersWeek.

One day. One single day. That’s all the time we set aside to celebrate moms with Mother’s Day. With all they do and with the year that they’ve had, we don’t think one day is nearly enough to show our appreciation for all their tireless work, support and enthusiasm. With this campaign we gave all the moms out there the amount of love they deserve by celebrating #MothersWeek, May 3–9.

We created a week full of content on social media, including talks with mom influencers @stirandstyle, @lesleyannemurphy, @incaseyouredown, @findingcoopersvoice, @alikrieger, @themattiejames, @thechutneylife and @shanboody to open up the conversation around motherhood topics that deserve more recognition—such as pandemic parenting, raising differently-abled children, adoption, working moms, infertility & IVF and postpartum body positivity.

We also partnered with brands like Jeni’s Ice Cream, Kindbody, Tidal, Pocky, Anthropologie and more to surprise and delight fans with giveaways and exclusive content.

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