Prompted by Dreams

Putting the AI in Retail

For new EV shoppers, the experience can be overwhelming. And not just because of all the new models out there, but because of all the ads. In fact, on YouTube alone, MediaRadar reported a whopping 800% YoY increase by electric-vehicle advertisers.

So, when we set out to develop a retail launch campaign for the new, all-electric Honda Prologue, we knew we had to do two things: competitively set the Prologue apart and visually cut through the clutter.

To do this, we started with an insight: AI andHonda are a lot alike. They’re both powered by dreams.

So, we used AI image generation to express the power of dreams that went into making the Prologue a better EV. Depicting thePrologue traveling through dreamlike “worlds” that served as visual expressions of a Prologue feature or benefit.

For instance, to show that the Prologue comes with Google built-in*, we created a dreamy world of maps for the Prologue to venture through.

To accomplish this, we created an AI-powered workflow that included AI rotoscoping, 3-D tracking and modeling, a half a dozen custom AI models, and extensive prompt engineering. And because AI automated many of the production processes that historically would’ve been too cost-prohibitive, we were able to accomplish a lot more for a lot less.

In the end, we created a hardworking retail campaign that looked anything but retail — scoring above norm for customers considering “alternatively powered vehicles.” And clearly set the Prologue apart for shoppers searching for a better EV.

*Google, Google Play, GoogleMaps, and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

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