2018 Winter Games Social Campaign

The Farmers Insurance 2018 Winter Games Social Campaign exemplifies a strategic approach to marketing that seamlessly integrates brand narrative with current cultural phenomena. By tapping into the global excitement surrounding the Winter Olympics, the campaign capitalized on the shared enthusiasm of the audience while aligning the brand with moments of connection and celebration. Utilizing the iconic jingle as a memorable element, the campaign was created using custom six-second versions for nine different events in the winter games, from curling to hockey and each jingle video ran during the games in online placements on YouTube, and

Notably, the strategic use of the jingle contributed to increased brand recall and resonance among viewers, further amplifying the campaign's impact. With millions of impressions, shares, and interactions across various social media platforms, the campaign not only met its marketing objectives but also successfully increased brand awareness and positive sentiment. In doing so, it set a precedent for how brands can effectively leverage social media to increase awareness and sentiment while achieving measurable success.

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