RPA Represent

Making diversity matter by helping make a world where people matter.

As an agency guided by a People First philosophy, we approach diversity differently. It’s not just about faces in photo ops, or rainbows on logos. It’s not a topic reserved for one month out of the year. For brands and agencies to thrive in a rich and changing world, diversity must be a fundamental operating principle. It has to make business sense, as well as human sense.

That’s the mission of RPA Represent: to act as a change agent that relentlessly promotes inclusivity and diversity in authentic, meaningful ways both inside and outside our industry. Represent is an ongoing agency initiative comprised of dozens of Associates, self-elected and empowered to think differently about how we work and act internally and outward to the world at large. From recruitment and retention, to ongoing training, to partnerships with broader social initiatives, to inciting important and difficult conversations for the world of business. And the world of people.

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