At the intersection of popular culture, innovation, hobnobbing and some serious barbecue, you’re bound to find an RPA Associate or two. This year’s SXSW official program includes presentations by two RPA bright thinkers: Rich Bina (Strategic Planning Director), on the subconscious biases of subject-matter experts, and Tim Leake (Chief Marketing Officer) on the rise of shareability culture and what it means for business.

Learn more about their talks and how you can get a front-row seat below.

RICH’S TALK: How Neuroscience Reveals Your “Expert Blindness”

In partnership with Dr. Carl Marci (Nielsen)
Thursday, 3/15 at 11 a.m.
Fairmont Congressional A
101 Red River Street

Your expertise fuels your success; it also creates “expert blindness,” skewing how you see and react to the world. Neuroscience can help. Explore a study we conducted using neurometric measures to compare experts to the “normal” people they’re trying to connect with, revealing the subconscious biases expertise creates. Understand how your expertise affects your brain, so you can be aware of your potential “blindness.”

  Follow Rich on Twitter: @RichardBina.

TIM’S TALK: If You Don’t Share It, Did It Really Happen?

In partnership with Natalie Sun (NextArt)
Thursday, 3/15 at 2 p.m.
Fairmont Congressional A
101 Red River Street

The world of 2018 is share-crazy. This session will explore the business and marketing opportunities created by this global obsession. We’ll explore how optimizing for shareability (or perhaps doing just the opposite) can turn an average idea into a monster success. Let’s monetize this craziness.

  We’ll share a framework you can apply to your own ideas. We’ll share inspiring examples. And we promise to present in an engaging way that follows our own advice. Have your phones ready.

  Follow Tim on Twitter: @tim_leake.