Tesoro Launches ARCO Ad Campaign Touting the Benefits of Quality TOP TIER® Gas

June 29, 2015


Santa Monica, CA, June 29, 2015 — Tesoro, a leading U.S. refiner and marketer of petroleum products and owner of the ARCO brand, recently introduced an integrated advertising campaign that highlights the benefits of quality TOP TIER®* gas from ARCO. Designation as a "TOP TIER®" gasoline means that ARCO gas exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) minimum detergent requirements to help clean critical engine parts.

The campaign, developed by advertising agency RPA, aims to educate consumers about quality TOP TIER?? gas in a lighthearted way and is an evolution of the previous "Your Car Puts Up With a Lot" campaign. Three benefits emphasized in the spots are "Quality TOP TIER® gas helps keep engines clean," "Quality TOP TIER® gas helps protect engines from harmful deposits," and "Quality TOP TIER® gas can help engine performance." ARCO determined that consumers wanted to know more about the benefits of quality TOP TIER® gas through a brand-tracking survey that helped shape the campaign.

"Since last year's campaign, we've seen a significant growth in ARCO's association with "High Quality" and "TOP TIER®" and we wanted to further expand on why ARCO's TOP TIER® gas is good for your car," said Rob Bezner, Director, Brand Management, Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company LLC.

The campaign consists of three 30-second TV spots, "Locker Room," "Ninja," and "Robot" as well as a Spanish-language version of one of them, and out-of-home placements, radio and digital, all with Spanish-language executions. The spots depict consumers reading the benefits of quality TOP TIER® gas on an ARCO gas pump while filling up their gas tank and imagining comedic scenarios derived from these benefits.

"Our goal was to demonstrate how ARCO stands out among its competitors. By bringing to life the many benefits of ARCO's quality TOP TIER® gas, the campaign shows that ARCO truly looks out for its consumers," said Tom Kirk, EVP, Management Account Director at RPA.

Out-of-home placements are concentrated in southern California, Arizona and Nevada, and digital media includes programmatic video, mobile display on GasBuddy and Waze, paid search and social amplification.

*TOP TIER® is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation

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