What’s The Most Important Part Of Your Job?

Being a perfectionist.

What Does It Mean To Be Part Of An Agency That Puts “People First”?

It means there's value in the individual. Everyone's experience and taste and input is unique to each person, and that should be celebrated. Although I lean more to the "Dog First" philosophy, I can still appreciate it.

What’s The Biggest Change You See Coming Up Ahead For Advertising And Marketing?

The recent trend to scientifically test everything we create is becoming a threat to powerful, emotional work. It seems like every year there's new ways to supposedly analyze effectiveness. When creativity is dissected in a mathematical way, it risks watering down emotion-- which I think is the most powerful way to connect with people. I think it's impossible to follow a scientific formula to have that end result, so I hope we can fight that shift.

 An Agency CEO Travels Back In Time From The Year 2050 And Walks Into The Lobby. What’s Your First Question For Her?

I’d be curious about the latest technology of 2050 (including said time travel machine) so I could get a jump on some new media ideas. As well as some stock tips.

What Have You Learned From The Team You Lead?

That inspiration is the best motivator.

What Qualities Do You Look For In An RPA Associate, Beyond The Usual?

I look for someone can show me new ways of thinking. For someone who thinks beyond what a brief asks. And for someone who has snacks.

Talk About A Client Who’s Had An Important Impact On You.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to see the immediate impact of our Intuit QuickBooks work. We are genuinely following their corporate mission of fueling small business growth by featuring hundreds of real businesses and pushing them into the spotlight, particularly with Small Business Big Game and our Own It Every Day series. We’ve heard back from many of the participants who are so appreciative of the exposure and the growth that resulted from it. That feels pretty awesome.

What’s On The Horizon For You? What Do You Most Look Forward To Accomplishing?

Hopefully I can create something that has a positive impact on the world in some way. It would be nice to use our talents for good. Or if not, I'll take at least one positive YouTube comment.