What’s the most important part of your job?

Saying "Yes" and welcoming Associates, clients, vendors and visitors of all stripes to RPA.

What does it mean to be part of an agency that puts “People First”?

It's what makes me get up in the morning. I can't conceive of it being any other way!

What’s the biggest change you see coming up ahead for advertising and marketing?

We have always been a full-service Agency, while others splintered off into various shops for various needs of clients. The pendulum seems to be swinging back to speaking with one voice to get things done.

An agency CEO travels back in time from the Year 2050 and walks into the lobby. What’s your first question for her?

Aren't you glad you've never heard of the Glass Ceiling?

What have you learned from the team you lead?

That we all have complementary strengths that we can pool together to have a supportive, trusting, efficient "I've Got Your Back" group.

What qualities do you look for in an RPA Associate, beyond the usual?

I look for the intangible "spark"(combined with "the usual") that makes the Associate a perfect fit for RPA. I pride myself in being able to recognize "it" from the get-go.

Talk about a client who’s had an important impact on you.

Over the years our Honda clients have been consistently the counterparts of RPA associates: involved, courteous, respectful and kind. On a personal note, Honda clients Renee Miller and Tom Peyton actually took a personal interest in making sure some issues I had with my own Honda got resolved. Amazing!

What’s on the horizon for you? What do you most look forward to accomplishing?

To keep on keepin' on. Doing my part to keep in tune with the "now" while honoring the founding tenets of this agency: people, product, profit.