What’s the most important part of your job?

In addition to the day-to-day work of bills and reports, I feel that the most important part of my job has become the RideSmart Program. We spend so much time in our cars getting to and from work on a daily basis that I've really thrown myself into figuring out ways to make it easier for employees.

What does it mean to be part of an agency that puts “People First”?

To me it means that in everything I do I am always asking, "How does this affect the next person who touches this project?" It also means asking, "How well does this process work for me"? If I can't do my part efficiently and effectively then it can, in a sense, make it difficult for the next person.

What’s the biggest change you see coming up ahead for advertising and marketing?

I think it will be whatever vessel is created to change the way we process and share information.

 An agency CEO travels back in time from the Year 2050 and walks into the lobby. What’s your first question for her?

Would that count as carpooling or use of a zero-emissions vehicle?

What have you learned from the team you lead?

Communicate and observe! Everyone functions differently. Learn who they are, how they function and don't put unrealistic expectations on them.

What qualities do you look for in an RPA Associate, beyond the usual?

Are they a pleasure to be around in casual situations. If they aren't, then chances are they won't be a pleasure to work with. Someone who isn't too into themselves and the things they've done. That's great if they've done amazing things, but can they also humble themselves and get dirty with the rest of the team?

Talk about a client who’s had an important impact on you.

I honestly couldn't pick one. Working in finance, I'm exposed to every client we team up with. So all clients we have had from 2001 to now have had an important impact on me.

What’s on the horizon for you? What do you most look forward to accomplishing?

I'm looking forward to RideSmart continuing to have a positive impact on everyone. And, hopefully, fewer piles of paper on my desk.