What's the most important part of your job?

Keeping clients and Associates focused and happy!

What does it mean to be part of an agency that puts “People First”?

It means we're a family. And like they say, family comes first!

What’s the biggest change you see coming up ahead for advertising and marketing?

The ability and desire of younger generations to simply avoid advertising will compel our industry to change, and fast.  It makes me wonder how we'll reach people in the future.

An agency CEO travels back in time from the Year 2050 and walks into the lobby. What’s your first question for her?

First: How many Super Bowls have the Broncos won?

Then: Is there still such a thing as a car account? (With Uber, Lyft, auto-driving cars, the end of the car culture with millennials.)

What have you learned from the team you lead / others on your team?

Be patient. One person at a time.

What qualities do you look for in an RPA Associate, beyond the usual?

I think most RPA-ers are respectful. Respectful of their clients and their associates.

I worked at an agency where they made fun of the product. And that lack of respect filtered its way to how everyone felt about each other. I knew the day I arrived I wouldn't be there very long.

What’s on the horizon for you? What do you most look forward to accomplishing?

I am constantly trying to bring in new business, all the while holding on to current business.  I like the challenge, and we've done a pretty great job of growing our billing in a sustainable way while making sure everyone involved is happy.