What's the most important part of your job?

Building strong relationships with our regional clients–which is always based on effective communication and accountability.

What does it mean to be part of an agency that puts “People First”?

It means our most compelling point of differentiation, and most valuable asset, is our people. It doesn't stop there, though. The People First ethos extends outward to our clients, and ultimately, to the people we’re trying to reach in the marketplace.

What’s the biggest change you see coming up ahead for advertising and marketing?

It’s still going to be about the fundamentals. Relentlessly finding better, more effective, ways to create and maintain a brand’s value proposition in an ever-fragmenting media environment.

An agency CEO travels back in time from the Year 2050 and walks into the lobby. What’s your first question for her?

What three things do we absolutely need to prepare for in the coming years?

What have you learned from the team you lead / others on your team?

That I don’t have, or need, all the answers (thankfully!).

What qualities do you look for in an RPA Associate, beyond the usual?

Does the candidate have an overall air of honesty/solid character, a willingness to learn, and finally, can they readily assess various situations and respond appropriately?

Talk about a client who’s had an important impact on you.

Those clients who engage you as a true partner in moving the business forward (and I’ve been fortunate to work with many people like this!). Whether it’s problem-solving, crisis-management or just account maintenance, there’s a mutual respect that we’re working together for the same goals.

What’s on the horizon for you? What do you most look forward to accomplishing?

Any accomplishments will always go hand-in-hand with the success of the clients we lead. If they’re growing and reaching their objectives, so goes RPA. As to what’s on the horizon, let’s ask the time-traveling CEO -- she’ll know!