The 2018 Honda Accord’s Trophy TV Campaign Parked on Facebook, Twitter

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In the television campaign for the 2018 Honda Accord, trophies come to life and spread the message that no matter how successful you are, you can always improve.

The automaker extended the initiative to Facebook and Twitter, launching a social campaign that will run through March and allow people to nominate their friends on those social networks for “personalized awards” to acknowledge their “achievements.”

The Facebook and Twitter campaign is made up of 76 “contextually focused, narrow” audience nomination videos, as well as six broad audience videos, and users can nominate their friends in categories such as “Biggest Armchair Quarterback” and “Biggest Undiscovered Singer.”

The campaign has a charitable component, as well: Honda will donate $1 for every custom video trophy that is created, up to $50,000, aligning the charities with the subject matter of the videos (if a sports award is created, the money goes to a sport-related charity).

Honda worked with Los Angeles ad agency RPA on the campaign, and RPA said that in the first week for the social component, it topped core engagement rates on Twitter by 543 percent, and the first flight of posts on Facebook resulted in nearly 550 nominations, or an average of 74 per video.

RPA said it will tie the campaign to “tentpole events,” such as awards shows, adding, “To make sure that such a robust array of content reached the appropriate audiences—some that are quite niche and specific—the brand utilized up to three layers of targeting on the social platforms to maximize context relevance.”

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