#SkittlesSurvivor: Ad creatives imagine possible Skittles responses to The Donald Jr.

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Social media blew up last night with Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet that features an image of a bowl of Skittles, comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned candy. No surprise, this Skittles tweet sparked outrage for refugee comparison on social, and some agency executives wasted no time in giving it a fun twist.

“I’d play that up, all the ways Skittles can kill you seems like a pretty entertaining revisionist history series,” said Matt Lucero, creative director for Carrot, came up with the copy “Skittles would kill you? Ouch.” “My imagination goes in so many different places. The ancient Skittles invasion of 10 B.C., the fall of the M&M Mpire [M&M’s Star Wars Chocolate] and the evolution of their preferred weapon: The rainbow and arrow.”

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