"Simplicity is key" at the moment for brands and marketers

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With so many forms of digital media, and new ones always on the horizon, how do you determine which way of pushing content is the most viable?

It all depends on the media strategy that is developed and the target audience we determine going after. Based on those two factors, we take a deep dive into the different mediums and further explore opportunities. From a gaming perspective and based on what we have identified for one of our clients in reaching that more “casual” gamer, we have been looking to align around certain titles played on consoles where we can associate the brand without being an official sponsor and even executing media buys with the direct consoles themselves, like Xbox for example.

How does the boundless framework of the metaverse make it appealing for brands and marketers to get involved in this new form of media?

In my opinion and from what I have seen, there are an unlimited amount of opportunities available that are appealing, but it is all about the actual execution and promotion behind it to get the visibility for the brand. For marketers, some of these campaigns executed within the metaverse are time-consuming and not cost-efficient. While there are several opportunities out there to get involved, the framework of the metaverse is still complicated for consumers to engage in. Simplicity is key at the moment for brands and marketers to consider as they look into opportunities.

What plans, if any, does your agency have to expand its reach into the metaverse?

We have been actively seeking out opportunities and have something in the pipeline for one of our clients that we are working on to launch in a few months. Unfortunately, I cannot share much at this time, but we are all very excited about this project and have been working on it for the past few months.

In what ways can the increase in virtual presence lead to more successful campaigns and what would a virtual space allow you to do that traditional media hasn’t?

I believe the increase in virtual presence will most definitely lead to more successful campaigns by directing the audience to a more immediate call to action. The virtual presence is going to lead to more interactive and engaging ways to showcase the brand’s offering/product. This increase of more virtual presence will allow the audience to be able to either learn more and/or acquire the brand’s product/service readily available within that moment as opposed to more traditional media, which doesn’t allow for that type of instant activity.

How do you anticipate the metaverse shaping new forms of storytelling in advertising?

The storytelling aspect within the metaverse for advertisers is what I am most excited for! From what I have seen thus far, it has come in a variety of different ways, but the one motion taking lead in storytelling is the creation of NFTs. This is an item that we have seen a variety of advertisers begin to take part in, where they have tied in some sort of backstory into the project itself and give the audience an opportunity to participate.

Given the interactive nature of these virtual spaces, how do you see this affecting the way consumers consume and engage with advertisements?

I believe the advertisements themselves are going to need to be more contextually relevant in order for the audience to consider engaging in any actions.