New Farmers spots break character - and many other things

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In a new set of commercials for Farmers Insurance, RPA Los Angeles continues to spotlight people watching things smash and crash around them. Except, these pitch people also break something else -- character -- as they acknowledge they are in a Farmers’ commercial.

The familiar "We Are Farmers" jingle no longer closes its spots, but appears much earlier to alert that something requiring coverage is about to occur.

In one spot, breaking now, a mom is asking her lazy, adult son to mow the lawn when the Farmers jingle drops. "Stuff’s about to get real," declares the son. Sure enough, lightening destroys the lawnmower.

In each of the three new spots, the foreshadowing is palpable.

An execution breaking January 20th, just prior to the Farmers Insurance Open, features professional golfer Rickie Fowler, who has appeared in Farmers’ advertising before. He is at the golf course with a pal and the set-up can mean only one thing, that a car’s about to get dinged.

The jingle drops and the golfer asks Fowler, "Are we in a Farmers commercial?" Fowler replies, "Yep. Trust me. I’ve done a few of these," cautioning him to slow his swing. He swings anyway and the ball hits Fowler’s shiny, red Mercedes.

"The ball is CGI," said Perrin Anderson, creative director at RPA. "The dent was made by none other than Farmers Insurance’s head of brand marketing, Leesa Eichberger, with a mighty swing from a sledgehammer. It’s harder to dent a hood than you’d think."

Another spot, set to air in April, features a florist making a delivery who hears the jingle and knows her day’s about to take a turn for the worse. Sure enough, swatting a bee, she swerves off the road and crashes the van.

The "Am I in a Farmers Commercial?" campaign will run exclusively online with a media buy that is designed to reach targets across all their connected devices.

"Staying the course and keeping our branding and core message of experience (we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two) consistent over the long-term has been really powerful, and has built the Farmers brand’s presence in culture and people’s heads," said RPA’s Anderson.

He added: "Coming up with new evolutions of that message, like this effort, is something we’re continually doing, though. Whether it’s unexpected ways to make our message topical or connect with culture, or new ways to play off media and how people are viewing it, like this project."