In These Charmingly Creepy Halloween Ads, the Undead Want to Talk to You About Life Insurance

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Life insurance is a serious topic that usually includes suitably sober advertising. Indeed, keeping your loved ones taken care of is important, but marketing’s approach to sparking a conversation on the topic is often too solemn to get past our mental barriers of denial when it comes to our own mortality.

Farmers Insurance, working with agency RPA and taking advantage of the Halloween season, found that a different direction might break through the sea of life insurance advertising sameness with three new ads featuring unusual spokespeople: the undead.

In “Cardio of the Dead,” a zombie makes her way down a running path at a park (yes, she’s spooking out other runners) and talks about how the inevitability of death and what could happen after “your mortal race is run.”

“Van Hiking” is a nod to Dracula as the character mentions how he has “found Halloween to be rather macabre,” but also a pretty decent time to talk about life insurance—as he resists the temptation of sucking the blood of some nearby campers.

Finally, a yoga-loving mummy’s poses are filled with well-placed creaks and cracks as she discusses the fact that there is “no right time to discuss death” and that you could “make Halloween the time you finally consider your life insurance options.” The spot gets bonus points for the witty payoff line of “corpse pose” as she lays on her back.

Each of the ads leans well on the folksy line of “they know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two,” famously elevated by actor JK Simmons in other work for the brand.

Though the ads don’t necessarily veer into hearty guffaw territory, they most certainly take advantage of the season and offer a refreshingly clever way to get viewers thinking about life insurance.

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